Custom Equipment
Beyond the usual shop equipment, Calumet Armature has developed an array of specialty- and purpose-built equipment to serve its customers’ needs.  Calumet regularly installs equipment that increases the capacity to produce armatures and coils and, at the same time, reduce costs.
ISO 9001:2008
The Company achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2012.  This validated our long-term, successful effort in operating with these processes and procedures in place.


The Company also focuses on repair items known as demand contracts.  These jobs include the repair, rebuild and remanufacture of armatures and motors that exhibit various stages of disrepair.  The Company dismantles, repairs, inspects, and brings items back electrically and physically to the condition required as specified.  These services are performed both on-site and in the field.  Should a contract require fieldwork that does not make financial sense for the Company to complete, it will subcontract to one of many contacts with whom Calumet Armature has developed a relationship over the years.